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Levant Fire Department's

Comprehensive Improvement Plan


Most public agencies set aside reserve money to purchase key capital items. Unfortunately, over the last ten years we have not done this for our department, mostly to keep taxes in Levant at a lower rate. By doing this, we have no large sums of money in reserve to purchase and upgrade much needed equipment and emergency apparatus. We would like to make a 10 year plan to upgrade, repair and replace equipment that is out of service or in need of repairs to remain functional. With this money we can properly plan for the future with improved equipment for our current membership. Please take time to review the enclosed packet of information that discusses in detail our voter approval of 2.5 million for these improvements.

Why a CIP Now?

· With COVID-19 costs of goods are going up and we expect the costs of items requested will continue to increase. So securing lower costs now will save us money in the future.

· If we secure the money now, over the next ten years we can avoid having multiple requests for a large amount of capital reserve money to replace apparatus, air packs, and gear all of which will overlap over the next ten years.

· If not approved, unfortunately we will need to begin setting aside large sums of reserve money to make these purchases as needed, year after year to build reserve funds back up.

· The department hasn’t asked for a large sum of tax payer funding since the purchase of our current station, which is paid off with no money owed.

· We are proud of the support this town has always given us and we take pride in making public safety something people in Levant can be proud of, especially with our interaction with our younger generations and community events.

· Levant also has a history of obtaining grant funding as well, but this money has become much harder to obtain for large purchases.

· For further questions or comments email Chief Strout at

What does this request entail?

- A new rescue pumper to replace our current rescue, that will be 20 years old next year. This includes an upgrade to new jaws of life included in this truck purchase.

- A new tanker to replace our current engine, and take the added use off of our lead engine extending the trucks life. Our current engine is 27 years old, and requires more repairs annually.

-Replace our current compressor used to fill our air bottles. Our compressor is 19 years old, and parts are becoming unavailable to find and perform repairs.

-Replace our current department air packs. Current air packs will need replacement in 5 years per NFPA standard, but if done now, it will be cheaper due to a higher trade in value on our current packs and avoiding increased costs.

-Structural gear for our members. Extra gear encourages proper cleaning and avoiding dangerous carcinogens. This also allows us to have a cycle for gear replacement which is recommended every ten years per NFPA.

-New ambulance and equipment. Current cardiac monitors are in need of replacement and critical needs for the department. These are unable to be repaired, only replaced due to age.

-Purchase of smaller response vehicles to be used to respond to calls, trainings, or meetings. Saving use on our larger apparatus and fuel.

-Replacement of damaged or older radios to allow for future digital use.


Fall October 2020


The Town Meeting and State Elections are on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. Polls are open from 8:00AM to 8:00PM at the Town Office.

VOTE Tuesday, November 3, 2020

There is one candidate vying for one seat for a three-year term to serve on the Levant Board of Selectmen; and two candidates vying for a single seat for a three-year term to serve on the RSU 87 Board of Directors.

Candidate Preview

Board of Selectmen

Nathan Peary: I wish to thank the citizens of Levant for their support while I have been a Selectman. It doesn’t seem that it has been fifteen years already and another election is just around the corner. I would like to say that it has been wonderful to serve the Town of Levant, especially given that I have lived in town for over sixty-five years, growing up and having attended school here. I greatly look forward to the opportunity to continue my service to the residents of the Town and to help in moving the Town in a positive direction”

RSU 87 Board of Directors

Candidate Sarah Haskell: “My name is Sarah Haskell; I am running for School Board. I have worked for Whited Ford Truck Center in Bangor for 17 years, the last three years as the Office Manager. My husband and I moved to Levant in 2006. We have two children, a daughter who graduated from Hermon High School, class of 2020 and our son in 6th grade at Caravel Middle School. While my daughter was in middle school and high school, she was active in sports and band. With her away at college, I have decided to become more involved in my community.”

Candidate Shannon Knowles: “My name is Shannon Knowles. As a 15-year school board member, my commitment to our community has been to establish and maintain a structure that gives opportunities for all students and staff in the district. We have tremendous teachers and staff working with our children and now more than ever the board must focus on enhancing and enriching what goes on in our schools. My experience with school funding, policies and negotiations gives me knowledge of the district-wide needs. I will continue to do what is in the best interest all our children and taxpayers. Thank you for your support.”

Referendum Question: The municipal ballot will feature a bond question that will seek $2,500,000 for the purchase of vehicles and equipment for the Town’s Fire Department. A recent mailing has been sent out by the Fire Department which outlines the desired expenditures and explains the need for the various items. Given the scope of the request and the amount of money involved, the Board of Selectmen has decided to put the issue before the voters and has not taken a stance for or against the bond question. The Board wishes for the residents to understand what is being requested (information provided by the Fire Department may be viewed on town website at and the financial impact on the mil rate. The Board will support and administer whatever ends up being the will of the voters. Given the amount of the bond and the repayment period (ten years) the residents could expect to see an increase to the mil rate of approximately 1.6. That is, for every $100,000 of property value that someone owns, the tax bill would increase by $160 per year.

Voter Registration

While residents may certainly register to vote on election day, there is an increased desire this election to decrease congestion within the office in the name of social distancing and to keep the flow of voters as efficient as possible. With that, it would be very helpful if individuals who intend to vote, but are not yet registered, to please make every effort to register at the Town Office during normal office hours any time prior to election day.



You may apply for an absentee ballot in person filling out an

application, mailing in the completed signed application or going

online and completing an online application via

2020 Town Report 


As a result of the ongoing advisory from the CDC to attempt to allow for "social distancing" as much as possible and in an effort to protect the health of our employees and residents, the Levant Town Office will be open to the public and we have implemented safety protocols such as please maintain a 6ft distance with other residents while standing in line, masks are a recommendation of the CDC and bottles of hand sanitizer will be available inside.


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